wow i haven’t logged into tumblr in months

but i only logged in to find some egobang fic

dolla dolla bill yall

boop i feel a little rough tonight because i want to be socialising but i don’t have enough money and everyone’s away home and :(

i think i’m an extrovert idk

posted 5 months ago


see terms:

  • daddy issues
  • friend zoned
  • jail bait

i miss having a bootycall why is life so difficult

tophat swag

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posted 5 months ago

i drank a lot of rum, ate a lot of baked potatoes and cried a lot last night it was very cathartic

posted 5 months ago

i love hannibal it’s a great show but i’m really worried that it’s romanticising mental illness? like whoa stags omg hallucinations are so cool!!


posted 5 months ago

someone pay for some just eat for me i’m so hungry and i have no food and i’m sick wah

posted 5 months ago

i have a really good open and communicative relationship with my bootycall. whY CAN’T I TRANSFER THIS TO PEOPLE I ACTUALLY HAVE A ROMANTIC INTEREST IN