one of the most important parts of becoming an adult is realising that the adults you knew growing up actually have zero fucking idea what’s going on or what they’re doing and they’re just struggling along trying to offer an example they don’t really understand

essentially your parents are just as stupid as you, they’re just scared of you finding out. but you do

wow i haven’t logged into tumblr in months

but i only logged in to find some egobang fic

dolla dolla bill yall

boop i feel a little rough tonight because i want to be socialising but i don’t have enough money and everyone’s away home and :(

i think i’m an extrovert idk

posted 6 months ago


see terms:

  • daddy issues
  • friend zoned
  • jail bait

i miss having a bootycall why is life so difficult

tophat swag

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posted 6 months ago

i drank a lot of rum, ate a lot of baked potatoes and cried a lot last night it was very cathartic

posted 6 months ago

i love hannibal it’s a great show but i’m really worried that it’s romanticising mental illness? like whoa stags omg hallucinations are so cool!!


posted 6 months ago

someone pay for some just eat for me i’m so hungry and i have no food and i’m sick wah

posted 6 months ago